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The Design Build Company was established circa 1986, and has successfully served a most demanding and quality conscience clientele for over 30 years. We service areas from Point Loma and La Jolla, all around Rancho Santa Fe, and along the north county coastal zones from Del Mar to Oceanside. We are state licensed in both Landscape architecture and Landscape contracting.


At the Design Build Company, we design and build relationships between the land and the architecture, and the natural materials and spaces that are defined by them. Relationships are weaved into each project; but ultimately, the relationships we build with our client during each job are the most sacred of them all!


Our designs respond to the conversation that your site and architecture initiate. We enhance your outdoor spaces through artistic use of both natural and contemporary manmade materials. We balance unique and creative planting composition against hardscape elements that "respect" the architecture. Ultimately, it is a profound respect for you—the client, your family the human being(s) that will use the outdoor spaces—that is paramount to every space we help to Design and Build.

After 30 years in business, we attribute our success to staying personally involved in your project from concept through completion.  From the initial meeting, to the design of each detail, to being actively involved on the job throughout the entire installation, we bring a project to completion with complete customer satisfaction!"

Robert Hill

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Our Team

We have the power, experience and personnel to meet the needs of any project—no matter the size—while still upholding the human and personal experience with you, the client. Our team of professionals includes a full staff of stone and brick masons, grading specialists, carpenters, landscapers, designers and architects. The company has employees that have stayed the course for over 30 years. We build everything—with in house personnel only sub contracting when we absolutely need to.  This control we have allows us to make promises and keep them.

Loren Wolverton-

Principal Landscape Contractor/Builder

C-27 #844499

Loren has 20 years of experience and had his own landscape construction company and merged into the Design Build Company over this past year. Loren has a great eye for keeping the jobs running smoothly, staying ahead or on schedule and avoiding costly re-do’s  With his background in irrigation and his extensive plant knowledge he brings an eye for planting associations and on-site placement to produce award winning effects!


Robert Hill-

Founder and President

RLA #2604

Robert Hill, RLA, founder and president of The Design Build Company, has over 30 years of experience, and has been in private practice in California since 1986. Robert is licensed both as a landscape architect and as a landscape contractor.


Robert, or “Rob” (as he likes to be called) is particularly well known in the Rancho Santa Fe area. For over 30 years he has worked in the covenant where he has collaborated with the Rancho Santa Fe Art Jury and RSF Fire Dept. on numerous successful jobs with numerous successful architects.


Scott Hamilton - 

Principal Landscape Architect

RLA #5931

Scott Hamilton, RLA, partner’s with Rob as a principal landscape architect to coordinate the entire design process. He brings 20 years of experience to the table, and has designed projects all over San Diego County with client satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Scott compliments Rob’s old school hand drawing technique.

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The Design Build Company continues to be featured for its exceptional work - see some articles on "Gorgeous Garden Gates" and  "Small Gem Lawns: More Impact From Less Grass".
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