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Not one style fits all

With decades of combined experience working with clients on designs that range across the spectrum, we take designing a space that fits your personality and lifestyle extremely serious. We listen to our clients and help them discover and express the home that they want to wake up in and come home to every day.

At The Design Build Company, we believe that architecture and the natural environment should coexist harmoniously. For contemporary or modern architecture, this means continuing clean lines, refining simple color palettes, and using geometry to accent the space in an elegant but natural way. 

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From sourcing hardscaping materials that flow directly into to the architecture, to water features, boulders, lighting and curved structures, we have spent thousands of hours blending traditional style homes and their exteriors in an powerful yet effortless expression.

For some clients, the plants do all the talking. The beauty of living in temperate Southern California, is the ability to choose plants from across the spectrum, that provide color and life to your space 365 days a year. Whether it is filling small compact areas, or acreage of color, we can lay out all of the smart and creative options and help you splash life into every inch of your space.

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Want something unique?  Something we don't showcase here?  Or perhaps something you haven't even found someone do before?  We thrive on bringing your ideas from paper into real life.




The first step to creating a perfect exterior, is having intentional and extensive conversations where we help you realize and express your dream home to us. Mostly, we just listen. But we also guide you when you are stuck.



Once we collectively have a firm grasp on what your dream home might look like, we take it to the design room where we get specific. This is where we bring the ideas to life, and things get exciting. Next we get to reveal, review and refine the design of your home together!



The dream is complete. Next we take it from dream to reality. With design and build under one roof, we seamlessly move into a building plan and rapidly break ground!
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The Design Build Company continues to be featured for its exceptional work - see some articles on "Gorgeous Garden Gates" and  "Small Gem Lawns: More Impact From Less Grass".
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